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— Our top priority?  Customer satisfaction

Customer Service

Our EFFICIENT SALES & CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPT. is able to manage the Customers’ demands and to guide them towards the satisfaction of their needs.

Acting as an interface between the company and customers on a daily basis, this staff is also able to provide useful feedback to the internal company organization in order to constantly improve the quality of the services offered in collaboration with the technical staff.


Our team works alongside the Client, making its know-how available to develop alternative solutions. The Client is therefore supported in identifying the best production solution that is closest to its needs.
STV’s designers are also experts in meeting specific needs by proposing customized solutions, always with a view to optimizing the investment budget.
Following inspections and careful study of the logistical conditions of the production sites, the projects are developed with the help of specific and constantly updated 3D software that allows a clear and realistic visualization of the characteristics of the systems in the layouts.
To us, designing means providing solutions, giving answers, and making the best tools available to our clients for their growth.

— Specialized technicians in Italy and abroad

Installation and Assistance

The work is carried out by our qualified personnel, guaranteeing precise knowledge of the machines and, therefore, an optimal result.
With STV, customers know they can count on a well-organized and rapid after-sales service. The preventive programmed maintenance carried out by our technicians allows to keep the equipment in optimal condition, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
STV also has a mobile workshop equipped with tools and spare parts, which allows for rapid intervention, even in emergency situations.

— Spare parts  in ready delivery


We boast a constantly stocked spare parts warehouse, which allows us to deliver the necessary parts for emergency replacements and wear parts for scheduled interventions in express times.

— Installations and after-sales  support

International Net

An international collaboration network that includes agents, intermediaries and collaborators on various markets to offer Clients a direct presence on the territory, which collects their requests and works to successfully satisfy them.
Local technicians, who are highly skilled and have been trained at the STV headquarters in Basilicanova (Parma), are a trusted resource for installations and after-sales support.

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