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Our company

Automatic packaging machines for the food industry.

— our story
STV history began in 1974 when Giovanni Salati, the founder of the company, started the production of automatic packaging machines for the food industry.
The insight of the founder is the footprint that remains to this day: to produce technologically advanced machines, designed and made to measure for each Customer.
The route over the years is characterized by the continuous search for innovative solutions, which represents a concrete Customer support.
During the first decade the activity was mainly directed to the national market. Then the product range rapidly expanded to meet the growing demands of the agro-food and canning market.
But it was from the ’90s, with the opening of foreign markets, that the company’s most significant development began. Those were the years in which the new plant in Basilicanova, just outside Parma, in the heart of the so-called “Food Valley”, was built.
Today STV is a company which deals internally with all production stages from design to final installation. It operates on all continents providing advice and timely assistance to Customers worldwide with the same passion of that first day of 1974.
— mission

Choosing STV means choosing a reliable partner with decades of consolidated experience in the industry.

Since our foundation, we have been committed to offering our customers the best in know-how, technological excellence and services. Our philosophy, which has always been oriented towards the complete satisfaction of the Customer, is based on the following keywords:


We guarantee a job done to perfection, entirely designed and developed in-house, built with the best components for a reliable and long-lasting product.


We are constantly looking for proposals and solutions to stand out and offer advantages to our customers. We are constantly evolving.


Accurate attention to detail in the design and creation of solutions tailored specifically to the needs of each individual client.


We are committed to creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships with our Clients, starting from design consultancy to after-sales support.

— in-house manufacturing process

Why STV?

In an increasingly demanding market, the key to success for a leading manufacturer like STV is to maintain a constant focus on quality in its production process.

This means striving for the highest quality in the selection of suppliers, materials, components, and in the execution of the entire manufacturing process.
At STV, we believe in the intrinsic value of in-house production and control. That’s why every machine is designed and manufactured at our headquarters under our direct supervision.

— Cutting-edge technologies

Research and Development

We are committed to continuous innovation and improvement, and our team of technicians is constantly working to develop new and better ways to meet the needs of our customers.
In every project, we prioritize achieving the right balance between applying the most advanced technology and maintaining maximum user-friendliness. This approach results in reduced maintenance costs.
The outcome is cutting-edge equipment that enables producers to provide consumers with products of the highest quality.

STV operates

With over 40 years of experience, STV has gained a solid understanding of the markets and their unique characteristics. This allows us to design and build custom machinery and complete plants to meet any need.

A widespread commercial presence allows STV to respond to requests from every continent.
Thanks to its commitment, quality and wide range of machinery, STV has become over time the reference point for major national and international manufacturers, to whom it also guarantees reliable, organized and timely assistance.

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